Valley Creek happening in April 

In the last week the Sandhill Cranes, Mountain Bluebirds, and Meadow Larks have returned to Stanley to scout the best nesting spots,  joining the Redwing Blackbirds which have been in town for a number of weeks now.  The Redwing Blackbirds perch in our trees and sing all day long.  They are clearly happy and excited about the signs of spring.  The Sandhill Cranes can be seen and heard far out in the meadow which is still covered with snow except for areas opening up along Meadow Creek.  You can see them walking back and forth, foraging and scouting for nesting spots.  We also see them flying around during the day and evening.  They are such beautiful and graceful flyers.  It is always a delight to see them fly by in pairs.  We also see the Canada geese flying by in pairs, honking to each other and frequenting their nesting spots.  Guests are enjoying the changing scenes provided by the spring variety of weather, spectacular snow covered peaks playing hide and seek with cloud cover constantly changing.  We still have occasional flurries of corn snow, heavy wet snow flakes, or very fine powder, depending on natures caprice at the moment.

The hardy Steelhead fisherman are enjoying the fishing up and down the river all the way to within 100 yards of the weir at the fish hatchery.  The steelhead are in Stanley in force.  The official count over 6,000 fish had reach the hatchery (passing by all the fishermen).  Good photo opportunities abound with the fishermen working the river with snow and peaks all around.  You can see the steelhead in the river and you can also see them by the hundreds in the holding pen at the fish hatchery, awaiting spawning.  

Come stay with us and enjoy the show.

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