Happening at Valley Creek, 


The snow is here and winter activities are in full swing.  January will bring the first annual bonspiel, curling competition event, on the outdoor skating rink.  February will be a busy month.  Winterfest, Valentines Day, Presidents Day, the Salmon River Snowmobile Club Fun Run and the Snowmobilers' Ball, not to mention wonderful meals offered by local restaurants in celebration of Valentines Day and/or the Ball.  Out on the trail west of town, it is clear that the snowmobilers had a wonderful time as you can see their crisscrossing, looping, free-spirit trails in the virgin snow  where they played off-trail (Stanley in the background).

Natural ice sculptures can be found everywhere.  Guests are enjoying the photo opportunities.  The winter night sky also provides a breathtaking view of the stars in the heavens.

On the trail near where Stanley Lake Creek joins Valley Creek, these river otters were seen enjoying the day.  They were as curious about passers-by as were the passers-by who observed them.  Note that there are 5 otters in the group picture.

This is a great time of year to enjoy the winter season in Stanley.  Don't miss the Sawtooth Valley Winterfest with loads of fun including pond hockey competition, curling, mini- triathlon, and a "drag" (as in cross-dressing) race down Ace of Diamonds.  The first weekend of March is the Sawtooth Ski Festival.  Then on the second weekend of March is the Stanley Sled Dog Rendezvous. 

Come stay with us and enjoy the entertaining events and nature's constant show.

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