Valley Creek in March

The month starts off with some exciting events.  The first weekend is the Sawtooth Ski Festival.  Then on the second weekend of March is the Stanley Sled Dog Rendezvous.  The sled dog competition offers many opportunities for spectators.  There is constant excitement at the Start/Finish line as dog teams take off one by one in a timed start for the different classes and heats.  Then they come racing back in for their finish.  Others rent a snowmobile in town or bring their own to get out on the course and watch the teams go by from the vantage point of their choice.  One can also get out on the course with cross-country skis or snowshoes.


Apart from the excitement of the sled dog races, guests are enjoying the peace and quiet and crystal clear air of the season.

Took a brief excursion today, less than an hour's drive one-way, along the Salmon River.  Snow still adorns the boulders in midstream.  Wind and weather have sculpted the edges of the snow making past storms evident in clearly defined layers.  Like free-form, multi-layer, wedding cakes all through the river.  

Steelhead fisherman were out in the river between the east fork and Yankee fork.  A sure sign that that the steelhead are moving upstream and will soon be in Stanley.

We saw two large herds of elk, comprising well over 100 cows.  Dozens of mule deer were also browsing in the late afternoon.   We also saw wild horses, four adults and one yearling.  They were most likely from the Spar canyon herd who, like the elk and deer, had come down near the river in the warm sunshine to browse on more exposed vegetation. 

When we returned to the motel, we were rewarded with a view of the bald eagle soaring over Valley Creek. His brilliant white plumage on head and tail was as white as the snow on the surrounding hillsides.  He spent some time soaring back and forth over the area.  I'm sure nothing escaped his survey.

The stars put on an incredible show as a fitting conclusion to a day spent relaxing and enjoying nature's wonders.


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